Two Worlds

Two Worlds has been drunkenly poking Oblivion in the chest for quite a while now, boasting about its expansive world and intuitive combat system. As should be evident by now, it mercilessly borrows from Elder Scrolls and doesn't mind who knows it. But there's plenty more where that particular brand of robbery came from.

Zelda is quite good, right? You like the way you assign weapons and actions to different buttons on the fly? Well, Two Worlds helps itself to that feature. And Resident Evil 4? The inventory system was a game in itself for obsessive-compulsives. Well, Two Worlds takes a bit of that too - and, as it happens, and as you might expect, both inclusions benefit the game. It lifts the graphical styling of 'Scrolls too, but commendably brings it alive in ways Tamriel never was. Trees, grass and flowers sway in the wind; shadows grow longer and light softer as the day rolls on, and seasons come and go, changing the appearance of familiar locations.