Two Resident Evils coming to Wii

If you somehow managed to avoid the gore-caked delight that is Resident Evil 4, you're about to get a third chance - it's coming to Wii with added wibble-wobble controls. This new version will be an enhanced port of the PS2 game, however, so you'll get all the bonus costumes and extra missions that GameCube owners missed out on. Japanese magazine scans claim shaking the remote will use Leon Kennedy's knife, shaking while holding the B trigger will reload and pointing in general will aim whatever boomstick you happen to be carrying. Remember how satisfying it was to obliterate a ravenous villager's head with that damn shotgun? Yeah, we could go for that again, even if Wii plays GameCube games and therefore you could already play RE4 on the system. Today. Before you're even done reading this article. Hell maybe we're already playing it now.

Above:How do you kick villagers in the facial region?Bythrowing a punch of course. Wii-mote waaa-tahhh!

The other game, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, will be an on-rails shooter like House of the Dead or Time Crisis. You won't be able to move freely, but you can apparently change your path at certain times. Umbrella Chronicles will span the whole series, revisiting the best parts of each game and explaining how the company eventually falls. As such, expect to see Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker and plenty of other classic characters to show up. This info ties in nicely with the fact that EB Games has suddenly listed a Wii Blaster for release on May 1. Will we be splitting zombie heads with a Wii Remote dressed as an actual gun? Looks like that could be the case.

April 5, 2007

Brett Elston

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