Twice as many people are playing Borderlands 2 as Battleborn right now

If I didn’t know better I’d say Battleborn’s feeling a little nervous currently. Especially, now Overwatch is out and offering a very similar (and higher profile) level of brightly coloured multi-character shooting - currently people are queuing to buy that digitally

Gearbox’s Battleborn has barely been out 20 days and has already dropped its price and brought forward a free DLC character, but that hasn’t stopped it not being played very much. Head on to Steam DB and you’ll find its peak players over 24 hours currently sitting around the 4182 mark, nearly half of Borderlands 2’s 8057, which was also from Gearbox. 

Obviously that’s not covering console numbers, but, on Steam at least, Battleborn isn’t exactly packing them in, coming in around number 72. Other games being played more right now are Farming Simulator 15 with 5173, and Black Ops 2 with 4,492. 

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Leon Hurley
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