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More Resident Evil Revelations, a geeky Breaking Bad theory and how well does Eliza Dushku know her Star Wars ? All in this week’s Tweets

What did we tell you last week ? Follow Milla Jovovich. It’s been all drama on the set of Resident Evil Retribution , with 16 stunt men involved in an accident where a stage collapsed, with one woman still laying injured in hospital. How do we know? Because of Twitter of course!

@ MillaJovovich Hey every1, it's been a horrible day here at "camp evil". As a lot of u hve heard, there was an (cont)

Later on in the day Jovovich gave updates on the injured stuntwoman (Akiko) before posting a full(ish) cast list, including Colin Salmon ( @colinsalmon24 ), who somehow returns after being diced in the first film, though that hasn’t stopped Michelle Rodriguez’s character Rain returning either. She also confirms Ada Wong will be played by Li Bingbing and that Wesker will be back and that Lost ’s Kevin Durand is playing series numpty Barry Burton, let’s hope he gets bumped off sharpish.

In other news comedian Patton Oswalt convinced us Breaking Bad is even better than we realised with his awesome geek theory about the show:

@ pattonoswalt (1 of 4) Here comes my overall, geek-centrict, 100% bullshit BREAKING BAD theory. No episode spoilers, believe me...

(2 of 4) Walter White = Lex Luthor; Tuco (from Season One) = The Joker; Salamanca = Metallo; Gustavo Fring = Brainiac

(3 of 4) Who's Hank? Check out the two-toned colored shirt he wears in this ep.

(4 of 4) Anyone who disputes my BREAKING BAD theory? I have very little evidence to back it up. That's why I was able to Tweet it!

(4a of 4) Jesse Pinkman = the pragmatic, all-too-human Everyman, trapped in a world of villains & monsters.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ neilhimself I think there should be an Occupy Gallifrey. "Because 0.000001% of the people have 99.99999% of the Time."

@ radiomaru The Twilight Saga: Tan Muscular Guy Vs Pale Creepy Guy, Part 1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

@ JaneEspenson Eliza Dushku loves her Husbands! She knows it's at

@ mishacollins . @jarpad %26 Gen, congratulations on the growing family! I'm no scientist, but but this will be a new species, right? 1/2 human %26 1/2 moose?

@ elizadushku "No, I am your father" delivered by D.Prowse is #1 misquoted line in movie history! DV "Luke, I am your father.."=misquote # ImaNerdNowYaKnow

@ BryanFuller I am obsessed with the PIE MAKER app for obvious reasons. xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xx

@ RAYPARKACTION Just so u know in my mind Darth Maul never died! Always was waiting 4 the right moment! Excited that Ur all excited! It will be fun!

@ serafinowicz @starwars I would love to voice Maul again! xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xx

@ DamonLindelof She awaits you with open nacelles. RT @simonpegg I absolutely cannot fucking wait to get back aboard that ship.

Bob is wondering how I have time to read his tweets while he is sitting across from me as we write Star Trek.

@ GroovyBruce R.I.P. Charles Napier. Fabulous actor - oozing with character. Did a small bit in AOD (eventually cut out). One of my faves. Damn.

@ bearmccreary Thanks for enthusiasm, IMDb, but I'm not scoring "ManOfSteel." Sorry, that's just a rumor. For the record though I'd kick ass on it # IfOnly

@ joe_hill For anyone who missed it last night, catch up on # AmericanHorrorStory ASAP. Sick, dirty, scary, funny, awesome.

I don't want to exaggerate the lewd content of Moore's latest. But there's more ass per page than the average public toilet sees in a week.

@ pattonoswalt RIP Steve Jobs. Closest thing we had to Tony Stark. xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xx

@ simonpegg Four episodes into a mammoth Fringe marathon. Gonna nail season 3 in one sitting. No spoilers!

I'm going to get a kicking for saying this but most men would opt for Fauxlivia because she has less baggage and a sexy tatt.

Fringesome: sex with one or two alternate versions of the same person.

Whereas having a sexual counter with your own alternate is called an infringement. Time for another episode wethinks.

@ JamesGunn At the Walking Dead premiere with @Yarvo . @Michael_Rooker is late as usual. Driving with one hand is hard.

@ edgarwright Dear UK cinemas. Showing (no joke) 13 ads and only 1 trailer before a movie is soulcrushing. Don't make me hate the big screen experience.

@ grumpygamer Pirates of the Caribbean movie is now officially a rip-off of MI now that as weighed in on the issue:

@ THEBRYANHITCH To answer the hundreds of tweets; no, it's NOT because they blew up my TARDIS. JJ blew up my Spock's ship and I still love Trek!

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