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Sad news about Psychoville, what if Lars Von Trier directed Star Wars and Simon Pegg buddies up with Edgar Wright in LA, all in this week’s tweets

Sometimes you have to wonder why the paparazzi and gossip mags exist. After all, if you really want to become a pseudo-stalker from your own living room you’re not going to get it from pictures of celebs walking their dog in a pair of dirty slacks. Five minutes on Twitter can be enough to learn all you need to know about what some of the more web-savvy sci-fi icons are up to.

Take Simon Pegg, who in the past week or so has told his 1.5million plus followers that he’s moved from his long-standing home in Crouch End, is currently in LA (but isn’t moving there), attended the 30th Anniversary Raiders Of The Lost Ark screening; did some Bikram Yoga, saw Warrior , and started writing a mystery project with Edgar Wright (wonder what it could be? *strokes chin*), is promoting Burke And Hare (finally seeing a release Stateside this week) and had a “bitching grapefruit” for breakfast. Twitter: transforming humanity into a species of cyber-stalkers one follower at a time.

Alright, we might not be getting the warts ’n’ all insight which the weeklies make their fortunes on, but the sanitised version gives us a healthier and much less creepy insight. Plus, you don’t get banter like this from the rags:

@ edgarwright Am writing opposite @SimonPegg . I suspect he might be checking his Twitter. So to lure him into a trap, I have set a honey tweet. # EvilLaugh

@ edgarwright He hasn’t checked. He’s a very good boy.

@ simonpegg @edgarwright Edgar, I thought we were writing a film not tweeting. I’ve only just read this because you’re in the shit box.

Oh, and if you are still wondering what they’re writing in LA, here’s another clue:

@ simonpegg Productive breakfast with @ edgarwright . 10 years since we were writing Shaun of the Dead . Time sure flies when you're having fun.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ pattonoswalt If Lars Von Trier had directed STAR WARS, it would've ended in an hour-long scene in the trash compactor where they don't escape.

@ JaneEspenson So Jack and Angel and Spike were all around for Boxer Rebellion, right? # Torchwood

I wrote the first draft of this episode, b/c Russell had no time. Then he took it back and made it so much bigger! # Torchwood

@ neveldinetaylor guys who were almost chelios: chris rock, matt dillon, johnny knoxville, seann william scott, robert downey jr., andy serkis

@ wilw Gods, this is just brutal. It is NOT a good time to be a human. # BSG # gameday

@ MillaJovovich alright guys! gotta go! 1 let mini spoiler tho! we will hve the Las Plagas parasite!!! have an awesome day!

2 answer sum popular questions: chris,claire n kmart have been captured by umbrella n [Jensen Ackles] is working on a tv show n is unavailable.

@ iwanrheon Working on Saturday should be banned. Joe Gilgun is insane. That's me for today...

@ RealReeceShears Other news - there really will be no more "Psychoville". But Steve P and I have "something else" for you. Only in our minds at the moment...

Re "Psychoville" and "axed"; not quite what happened tbh. WE decided to leave it at two, and NOT be an axed show if they DIDN'T want it.

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