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Spooky goings on and tributes to Caprica in this week’s tweets

Ah, Halloween. The day formerly known as Samhain was once a brief window of time when the boundary between our world and the next would become thin enough for spirits to pass through and slaughter anyone who didn’t disguise themselves in costume or a mask. Now, of course, it’s simply an opportunity for fancy dress stores to make a killing and an excuse for the rest of us to scare ourselves silly with Halloween-themed movie marathons. One thing was different this year though, as celebritydom’s whole-hearted embrace of Twitter meant we got a wider glimpse than ever of what some of our favourite stars got up to on All-Hallows-Eve.

Supernatural / Heroes actor Todd Stashwick revealed himself to be a closet Doctor Who fan and went up 5000% in our awesome book with his spot-on Eleventh Doctor costume (@ ToddStashwick The Doctor is in! Happy Halloween ). Moon director Duncan Jones made a surprisingly convincing walking corpse (@ ManMadeMoon Ro’s makeup skills are pretty rad, I have to say. All this Halloweening has left me... shattered. ). Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley gave fans a treat with a glimpse at what Scott’s gay roommate Wallace Wells would be donning for Halloween (@ radiomaru Because YOU demanded it, here’s a Halloween Wallace. See if you can guess his costume! ). And Will Wheaton made a pumpkin more likely to give any young trick ’r treaters the giggles than the heebie jeebies (@ wilw My jack-o-lantern is supposed to be Two Face. ).

But @ NathanFillion officially won Halloween this year, narrowly pipping Seth Green to the crown (see above), with a costume so shiny we’re still squinting two days later. Behold: @ NathanFillion My Halloween costume.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ Markgatiss I will be spending the evening dressed as the Devil, tracking down and slaughtering all those who keep asking why I left out Nosferatu...

@ OldRoberts953 Just seen a little girl in a witch's hat and a sonic screwdriver. I think she's meant to be the Rani.

@ mishacollins I'm in the UK. The Queen came to my hotel last night to "discuss policy." It's 7AM %26 I need Her out, but She's so cute when She's sleeping.

@ neilgrayston Things I learned today: Ally McBeal makes @ wilw very emotional, and @ feliciaday has a huuuuge mustache fetish.

@ mrmarkmillar What the Holy SHIT? I take the morning off and there's a picture of Obama reading Superior #1? Worse, they're saying it's Spider-Man!! WTF??

@ DAVID_A_SLADE Directing is a primate's business. Any Monkey can direct. The question becomes, not if the monkey could, but is the monkey's film any good?

@ Jon_Favreau The great Guillermo del Toro stopped by editing today and got a sneak peek of some work in progress.

@ Paul_Dini "The Dark Knight Rises." If the villain does turn out to be Catwoman, I can hear the snickering already.

@ edgarwright Answered the door in my t-shirt %26 underwear expecting it to be a delivery person. It was Kyle MacLachan. Was a magical moment for us both.

@ RobertKirkman Shame Charlie Adlard couldn't make it. National Holiday in the UK kept him from traveling. I think it was double decker bus day.

@ daraobriain Wonderful news! My request for a zombie level on FIFA 11 is being passed up the levels at EA. And so the waiting game begins... (*pauses*)

@ TimOfLegend New game idea: 30 levels of nothing but people quoting Arrested Development, while Psychonauts music shuffles in the background.

@ DamonLindelof Just saw a pic of Yvonne Strahovski in Slave Leia attire. God Bless Halloween and God Bless CHUCK.

@ dhewlett Never wanted to be a hobbit until I worked with WETA on Rise of The Apes! Now I know exactly how much fun I'm missing on damn LOTR movies!

And Finally... A fond farewell to Caprica from the cast, crew and one famous fan

@ OfficialMagdaA Its a sad day today! thank u 4 ALL your guys's Love! I will for ever cherish the time on Caprica and all ways be proud of it!! : )

@ JaneEspenson Was working all day. Just heard the sad news about #Caprica . I hope everyone involved feels proud - amazing work and thanks to all!

@ sasharoiz It was a wonderful experience that I will always cherish. I'll miss Sam and the world we created. Thanks again for following and supporting.

@ bearmccreary RIP Caprica. So frustrating that it's cancelled right when the story arcs get really tight. Those last 6 eps are the best of the series.

@ BambolaBambina Its a very sad day....time for mama cylon to go cry a river! Its ok I have you lil cylons to make me smile! #caprica

@ simonpegg Sad to hear #Caprica got cancelled. Shows just aren't given the opportunity to hit their frakking stride these days. "

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