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Tweets Of The Week

Who’s been falling in an out of love with Bagpuss this week?

So, what else have our esteemed gaggle of SF Twitterers been up to?

• Well, Steven Moffat ( ) is on holiday: “In Greece, spending my holiday in a darkened room with Doctor Who . So pretty much like my adolescence really”

• Reece Shearsmith ( ) told how clunkingly rude members of the public can be: “Man: ‘More League ? I know you did that other not as good thing.’ Me: ‘No - we’ve done some more of the not as good thing.’ Man: ‘Shame!’ True!”

• Duncan Jones ( ) found out a hithertoo unknown Star Wars fact from his partner: “Best fact learned today! Girlfriend tells me that the Ewoks speak Filipino!! Genius!!”

• Wil Wheaton revealed how much a fan he is of English Bay in Vancouver: “If English Bay was any more beautiful, they’d have to call it Amy Pond”

• Damon Lindelof ( ) posted this trailer (stick with it, it looks BRILLIANT): “Uh... MARVEL? I’m not some big city lawyer, but you might wanna look into this.

• Edgar Wright ( ) was still shining from the post Scott Pilgrim love-in: “Thanks all at Movie Con for a great Q&A. And not just because I got to down a Wrightini and thank Landis for the Agutter shower scene”

• And finally Jonathan Ross ( ) revealed just how much of a comic geek he really is: “I am such a weird Marvel fan. Had a film meeting in LA re Turf and the young exec only had DC toys in his office. I shut that sucka down!”