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A Field In England Proves A Twitter Hit, The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond reunite and Russell Crowe on a Krypton prequel in the latest Tweets Of The Week

The release of A Field In England , the latest from Kill List/Sightseers director Ben Wheatley, last Friday wasn't exciting simply because Wheatley is one of British cinemas great hopes for the future. In a first, the film debuted on TV, DVD, online and in cinemas on the same day. As you might expect, it was a Twitter hit with " A Field In England " trending twice during the day and throughout its broadcast on Film4 at 10:45pm. Despite being a, let's just say "less-than-accessible", experience the film ranked 9th in Channel 4's most-mentioned broadcasts and number 6 on Friday, while the TV broadcast proved the most popular platform. As it was a premiere, Film4 didn't tweet throughout the entire broadcast, meaning the Twitter-traffic was entirely user-driven. A successful experiment then, and something we're likely to see more and more of in the future. To find out exactly how the film performed on each platform head to the Film4 blog .

@ReeceShearsmith Thanks for all lovely comments about "A Field inEngland". The coward is here.

@mr_wheatley At the ritzy. Excited

The SFX Twitter Stream

@laurajprincess Such a fun night last night ... Yummy dinner ... Family time and a surprise visit from these two @KarenGillan2 xx

@leeunkrich I guess things worked out for Lotso after all.

@EddieMcClintock Saying goodbye and thank you to the umbilicus. #WAREHOUSE13

@russellcrowe A lot of you are asking about a KRYPTON prequel, if that's something you feel strongly about let @Legendary pictures know your thoughts

@josswhedon Universal doing a Cabin in the Woods for Halloween! And next year the wedding amphitheater from Much Ado! #slutshaming #trulycreepy

Not supposed to drop Avengers spoilers, but Iron Man DOES get a pet... #statueshtick #stillcoolerthanKrypto

@kanyewest I saw a pre-screening of Pacific Rim yesterday and it's easily one of my favorite movies of all time.

@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN Pacific Rim is the ultimate otaku film that all of us had always been waiting for. Who are you, if you are Japanese and won't watch this?

@rainnwilson Pacific Rim Job #BlockbusterPorn

@theaarondouglas Dicks.......

@NathanFillion Something is wrong with this picture. Can you see it?

@JRichardKelly Thanks to everyone for their supportive SOUTHLAND TALES tweets on this holiday. I will bloviate some amusing trivia about the film.

@radiomaru Southland Tales is maybe the ultimate distillation of the 2000s as a decade

@AllCharisma #XanderandCordelia #Paris2013

@mishacollins Congratulations to @Team_Barrowman for making the team legally larger by one.

Wil Wheaton

@wilw I just deleted the Google Reader bookmark from my browser. I felt like it needed Scotty playing bagpipes to properly say goodbye.

@simonpegg Little souvenir of a big adventure.

@Glinner Ok, just finished Last of Us. Best game I've ever played. A work of art.

@charltonbrooker Okay, just finished The Last of Us. Exceptional.

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