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Wouldn’t you know it, you wait years for one anniversary to come along, and two roll up in the same week – isn’t it always the way? What’s more unusual is that the two anniversaries sci-fi fandom celebrated last week were two of the past decades most celebrated shows. On Thursday it was the 10th anniversary of Firefly ’s premiere episode in the States, while Saturday marked the 8th anniversary of Lost ’s premiere on US network TV. For a show with such a Twitter-friendly cast, the crew of the Serenity stayed mostly quiet (they’re clearly all too busy on their massively successful shows, such as Castle and Homeland , nowadays); but Lost co-creator (and Tweets of the Week regular) Damon Lindelof lightly prodded a hornet’s nest with by reminding us that we’ve still got plenty of questions about that mysterious island…

@ DamonLindelof Happy 8th Birthday, LOST! Blow out your candles and make a wish... But DON'T TELL ANYONE WHAT IT IS!!! #SelfAware #09222004

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ KarenGillan2 I want to watch The Power of Three but i can't cause its not on here yet! what IS this?!

@ emmacaulfield If only it were Laura Roslin vs Jean Luc Picard. This election leaves me totally uninspired and cynical. #2012elections

@ rainnwilson In a future world without electricity there would theoretically be no blow dryers, hair straighteners or curling irons, right? #revolution

@ danharmon Almost there, horror directors! 3 more movies shot "camcorder" style and we finally set the record for laziest species!

@ DavidBlue Why did the machines create a Matrix that had guns? You'd think a more Canadian Matrix would've prevented some problems.

@ sebroche And i miss Balthazar!!!! I'd love to see him again in Supernatural, don't you think? :)

@ mattfraction the first two things i ever searched for on the internet: sherilyn fenn; boba fett

@ stokely_i @ZacharyLevi would you be down to play yorick brown on a tv version of y:the last man?

@ ZacharyLevi . @stokely_i Not yes, but HELL YES. I dream about it. And totally agree that it should be a series and not film(s). Too much to cover.

Bryan Lee O Malley

@ radiomaru RT @juhnk : @radiomaru Could you draw Ramona as a little kid?

RT @joshacagan : @radiomaru GHOST SANDWICH

@ DamonLindelof If I was a gymnast Timelord, I would wear a leotardis.

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