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Disappointing Twitter-news to start the week, Steven Moffat, a regular fixture on Tweets Of The Week (including today’s instalment) has left our beloved social network, presumably to write some brilliant episodes of Doctor Who , Sherlock or something equally less important than 140 character updates.

According to his wife/ Sherlock producer Sue Vertue Moffat deleted his account because:

@ suevertue For all asking @stevenmoffat is well and currently having a family lunch but he's got a huge amount on and twitter was proving a distraction

Reading between the lines/jumping to conclusions it’s easy to assume that the endless negative feedback users in the public eye with as many followers as Moffat must receive on a daily basis finally became too much for the Who overlord, a theory backed up by the fact he allegedly asked how to limit the number of @ replies he saw moments before leaving Twitsville.

@ Glinner So Moffat has left Twitter, shortly after asking how to limit the @'s he saw. Another victory for snide, pathetic bullies with zero class

@ suevertue Obviously the new @stevenmoffat is an imposter and not The Moff. It's just these sort of idiots that ruin Twitter for the majority of users

In other news, it’s traditional to celebrate birthdays with an icing-laden cake and enough fizzy pop to rot the teeth of an entire classroom full of younglings, but in a digital age such tangible treats are a relic. Instead we have the Google Doodle, an ever-changing illustration, animatic or game on the Google homepage themed around a major event to take place on that day in history. September 7 marked to 46th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series , so to celebrate Google created a glorious, fully animated logo dedicated to Starfleet’s finest, and thanks to Twitter we know just how much the stars of Star Trek past, present and future appreciated it:

@ WilliamShatner Has everyone seen the Google logo today? You must go there now. Happy Anniversary Star Trek! My VERY best! Bill

@ RealNichelle O ! Have you seen 's doodle today? Adorable!!!

@ GeorgeTakei Props to Google for its shout out to the 46th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek. Yes, I apparently am the L.

Wil Wheaton

@ wilw Dear @google : today's doodle is my favorite Star Trek thing this side of Sparks McGee. Please do one for Next Generation's birthday!

@ totallykate Check out google today! Be sure to hover your mouse over the pic.

@ ChaseMasterson Have you seen this?? #HappyBirthdayStarTrek

@ reneauberjonois Honoring the original Star Trek - check out the Google home page (search page) today, Friday. Great graphic - and interactive!

@ ZacharyQuinto dear google: loving the doodle...

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ neilhimself Hullo. It is. I'm writing Dr Who in a SF coffee shop. RT @NeilsTwitrWife : Good day flamingo man. Hope the sun is shining where you are.

Wil Wheaton

@ wilw Ho. Lee. Crap. Look at what I just found.

@ arobertwebb Looking forward to Dr Who tonight as ever. @RealDMitchell %26 I are the voices of some evil bickering robots. They weren't written as camp...but that's what happened.

@ steven_moffat Out for dinner with my son, Louis. "Dad, what do you when you can't think of an idea? Is that what happened with The Beast Below?"

@ ManMadeMoon Jesus... Young Rutger would have made a hell of a Judge Dredd.

@ jamesmoran So who do I have to kill/shag/both to get hired on Joss' S.H.I.E.L.D. show??

@ MattStrevens1 Nathan and Joe prepare for their final scene together of season 4. You are in for a treat - a great new double act.

Bryan Lee O Malley


@ trutriciahelfer Gotta get to bed. Gotta learn my lines for Community tomorrow. Gotta do a lot of ****. Where does the time go? #fb

@ THEBRYANHITCH I worked on Doctor Who and designed Eccleston and David Tennant's TARDIS and they were amazing. I do think Matt Smith might be best Dr ever

@ hitRECordJoe #CloudAtlas - Wow! Sturgess, Grant, and of course Weaving (as well as whole cast) amazing chameleon acting. They really transform.

@ Loopermovie Before %26 after. I think we're aging well.

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