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It’s been a sad week in Twitsville. The outporing of emotion since the death of director Tony Scott ( The Hunger , Déjà vu ) on Sunday has been genuinely moving with seemingly all of Hollywood’s Twitterati coming out to pay their respects. We’re not going to dwell on it here, needless to say if you have a Twitter account you’ve probably read it all already. Instead we’re going to offer up one of our semi-regular (read: not very regular at all) SFX RECOMMENDS to brighten your day.

Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley is half-troll, half-mad genius, but he’s always funny. His feed is also something of a gold mine for Scott Pilgrim fans – as he regularly tweets insights into the creative process, unseen artwork and regular reminders that bread makes you fat. Like random, irreverent nonsense (course you do, why else would you be reading SFX?) then you’ll love @ radiomaru .

Bryan Lee O Malley

@ radiomaru Just one bite. RT @GardnerSalad : How much bread does it take to make you fat? @radiomaru #radioqa

Cause of the tv show. The L Word. Its title confused me. RT @viserys4king : why lesbians? @radiomaru #radioqa

I wrote all the endings to the video game myself RT @ Teaje : @ radiomaru What do you think to the ending of the SP game?

Remember when Scott Pilgrim Vs the World came out 2 years ago and nobody saw it except my twitter followers and they saw it 11 times each

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ DamonLindelof Keep trying. RT @Donnation I just saw Prometheus again to see if maybe I misjudged it. It was worse the second time.

@ ManMadeMoon About to have a meeting to see if there is a slightly more unusual way to get Mute made as a film. Wish me luck!

@ leeunkrich Real life Linguini from Ratatouille!

@ MattStrevens1 We prepare to shoot a romantic moment between Rudy and ......... Well that would be telling. # misfits

@ steven_moffat Right then! Doctor Who press screening this evening. THIS time I will keep my feet out of my mouth. THIS TIME!! (Hmph! Toes!!)

@ alisonbrie Yep! RT @yvettenbrown : Look closely. #AnniesBoobs squared. ;) #Community T

@ MintzPlasse Just posted a photo

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@ SethGreen My character's workstation in 'Delete' is very telling. #LastDayDiscoveries

@ ElizabethBanks That's funny. And not a terrible solution, either. RT @MiaStrino

@ darren_bousman I just finished watching Detention. There are no words... Well, maybe there are a couple...

@ dhewlett Drove over Golden Gate Bridge today. They've done a great job of repairing it after that intelligent ape uprising. #riseoftheapes

@ SamuelLJackson Knocking out interviews in some new gear!

@ MagdaEh Me %26 @amber_benson love giving Jane lovin!!

@ ninadobrev Night shooting til 7am tomorrow- yikes! The perks of being a fulltime Vampire now...

@ OldRoberts953 The cast of #Blakes7 - pissed.

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