TV REVIEW Stargate Atlantis 4.19 "Kindred, Part 2"

Original US air date: 29/2/08

Written by: Alan McCullough

Directed by: Martin Wood


The One Where: Beckett turns out to be a clone, although he has no idea of this, and Michael had been forcing him to help with his research. When Sheppard finds out the location of Michael’s base, Beckett guides them through it. Teyla’s briefly reunited with the Athosians before Michael takes her away for examination. Sheppard’s team mounts a rescue mission, but Michael escapes with Teyla. Beckett, whose genetic makeup is collapsing, is placed in stasis.

Verdict: The second part of the two-parter is decent enough, but it doesn’t quite have the punch of the first. It really feels more like a bridge, designed to connect the events of the last episode and the things to come in the season finale, and that’s probably why it feels comparatively sedate after the first part. So we’ll see what the finale is like...

Did You Spot? Christopher Heyerdahl reprises his role as Halling. He’s now played two different characters in two consecutive episodes, the other character being Todd.

Retcon: Apparently, when Beckett was captured by Michael in season three’s “Misbegotten”, Michael took some genetic material from him before he was rescued. Michael then used that material to clone a new Beckett, and somehow kept his memories and personality intact.

References: Beckett says he feels like “a dog’s breakfast”. This refers to a film of the same name, written and directed by David Hewlett, which featured several Stargate actors, including Paul McGillion.

Best Line:
Beckett: "You don’t seriously expect me to lie here and be useless while my own life hangs in the balance, do you?"

Leah Holmes

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