TV REVIEW Stargate Atlantis 4.14 "Harmony"

Original US airdate: 25/1/08

Written by: Martin Gero

Directed by: William Waring


The One Where: Sheppard and McKay have to babysit an annoying adolescent princess, Harmony, as she embarks on a rite of passage so she can lay claim to the throne. But one of Harmony’s older sisters wants the throne herself, and has hired the Genii to kill her – and Sheppard and McKay too.

Verdict: Dreadful episode, full of irritating “comedy” scenes and bickering. The fact that you just want to grab Harmony and give her a good shake doesn’t help matters (although, to be fair, Harmony’s annoying because she’s been written that way, not because Jodelle Ferland falls into the category of “annoying child actor”).

Hmmm: Come to think of it, pretty much every time Atlantis does an episode that’s set on a medieval-style planet, it’s really annoying – see “The Tower” and “Irresponsible” from previous seasons as examples. Maybe the writers should stay away from that setting.

It’s Wossername! Jodelle Ferland is no stranger to genre roles, despite her age. Her previous credits include episodes of Smallville, Kingdom Hospital and Supernatural, as well as the Silent Hill movie, and Stargate SG-1, where she played a young version of Adria.

LMAO: Okay, I’ll admit that I laughed a bit at the painting.

Nitpick: So, the mini-drones in the forest are set to attack anyone who lacks the Ancient gene. Why is no-one bothered that this could potentially include Harmony’s own, innocent people?

Best Line:
Harmony: "Provide me with cover. I will make it to the pedestal, summon the beast, and smite them."
Sheppard: "There will be no smiting today, little lady!"

Leah Holmes

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