TV advert highlights only in Battlefield 4 moments

EA has launched a new Battlefield 4 TV advert focusing on the free-form nature of the upcoming military shooter. With the ability to fight across land, sea and air, on foot or in a wide range of vehicles, there should be something on offer for all types of players. DICE has even introduced a new offline test range designed to let new recruits get to grips with weapons and vehicles before taking the battle online.

The latest TV ad highlights what have been dubbed “only in Battlefield” moments, when unscripted events and the game’s dynamic maps help bring the shooter to life. Like when you kill the power to get the drop on your opponents, level an entire skyscraper, destroy a levee to flood a city, use a tank to plough through structures and create new pathways, or send a destroyer crashing into an island chain.

Battlefield 4 will release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on Oct. 29 in North America and Oct. 31 in Europe. In North America it will hit PS4 on Nov. 12 and Xbox One on Nov. 19. In Europe, it will be available for Xbox One on Nov. 22 and PS4 on Nov. 29.