Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

We’re all for any excuse to send the Nazis to invade Manhattan. Figuratively, we mean, since no one expects to say that in a lifetime. Or this: Killing Winston Churchill is just what we needed to make Nazis worth killing again. Hardly a hero’s death, the great statesman kisses the grill of a taxi cab in 1931, dies, and spins an alternate history where the Third Reich attacks the Big Apple in 1953. Awesome concept, no?

But what can be said about Turning Point: Fall of Liberty that hasn’t beensaid already? Well, a lot apparently, given how dissatisfied many of you were with the Xbox Live demo. A handful of well done trailers and a kick ass premise can only take a game so far, right? So in Pulitzer prize winning fashion, we took it upon ourselves to inquisition the developers about a couple of complaints gamers had with their free slice of play.

1. Enemy AI has been enhanced a bit for the retail release. Nazis don’t just sit there and offer their bodies up for bullet real estate. You’ve got to implement a little timing and cover to take down these hypothetical Germans.

2. Sticky Targeting has been implemented, meaning, once you hit an enemy your crosshair will remain locked on until he’s either dead or your clip empties.

3. Visually, the demo is not exactly what the final game will look like. Textures and lighting were noticeably enhanced, although not dramatically, judging by what we played.