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Turn Left 4 Dead into a comedy

What you’ll need:
- The PC version of Left 4 Dead (of course)
- Notepad++: A free source code editor for Windows, which you’ll need to get most of these skins to load properly.
- Left 4 Dead’s console command list: A list of cheat codes that’ll help you test out your fresh skins.

Download it

Turn your bloated Boomer into a sexy beast with Darksider1972’s thong skin.

Above: Image from Darksider1972 at FPSBanana

Download it

Zorodius pokes fun of Valve’s Gabe Newell by adding a pair of glasses to the original Boomer model.

Download it

If you thought the Hunter stressed you out before, just wait till this hardcore Hello Kitty fan starts ripping flesh from your throat.

Above: Image from DrDeanDarko at FPSBanana

Download it

Reaper and FallDown have put together a powerfully purple replacement for the Tank that’s based on Ultimate Venom. The authors also added the spider symbol to the Tank’s chest and back for extra flair.

Above: Image from Reaper and FallDown at FPSBanana

Download it

Dead4Left (Infected) replaces the special infected models with the four survivors. Try not to let your head explode when you see Bill kill Bill or Zoey crying in a dark corner.

Above: Image from Samm5506 at FPSBanana

Above: Footage of the special infected from Dead4Left in action