Tuesday round-up: Magneto and Wolverine, Bond, Tron and Doctor Who

X-Men 3 may have been sub-titled The Last Stand, but we never really thought that would mean the end of the X-franchise. Today Digital Spy has given an update on the two spin-off movies, Magneto and Wolverine. The story says that, according to Obsessed with Film, the David Goyer-directed Magneto will be set in the same period as the first three X-films (something as a surprise, seeing as the entire world thought it was a prequel), will feature Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen and allow returns for Creed, Mystique and Senator Kelly. Meanwhile, the Wolverine movie is set to start shooting in November, with Tsotsi director Gavin Hood at the helm.

Over at SCI FI Wire you can read about a proposed “next chapter” in the Tron saga. Ad director Joseph Kosinski (who’s just been signed up for the Logan’s Run remake that was once on Bryan Singer’s “to do” list) is apparently in final negotiations for the gig.

CommanderBond.net has reported that the clearly nasty Mr White (last seen on the receiving end of Bond’s shotgun) will be returning in Bond 22. Actor Jesper Christensen told a website in his native Denmark that he’ll be returning to the role of Mr White in Daniel Craig’s second Bond outing, a film that screenwriter Paul Haggis says will kick off “two minutes after Casino Royale”.

And prize for weirdest story of the week goes to Digital Spy , who report that Daniel Radcliffe is Ladbrokes 3-1 favourite to succeed David Tennant as Doctor Who. Frankly we’ll believe it when we see it – we know Harry Potter’s just become the most lucrative movie franchise of all time, but surely the step from wizard to Time Lord is too big for one so young as Radcliffe to take...

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