Tuesday Link-A-Mania

Spider-Man! Liam Neeson! JK Rowling! Here's a news round-up to tide you over before day's end... WARNING: SOME SPOILERS!

USA Today vs Spider-Man

When Marvel do something huge they try to keep it under wraps. The death of a major character is especially something that should be kept a secret. But USA Today have already released the ending to "The Death of Spider-Man". There isn’t much room for a spoiler with a title like that but they managed it by putting up panels from the comic and exact details on how he meets his end.

The Return Of Ra's Al Gul

Liam Neeson will be returning in The Dark Knight Rises . It has been confirmed that he'll return although his role is still unconfirmed, but presumably it's safe to say it will be as Ra's Al Gul, Bruce’s mentor and enemy. As it seems the character died at the end of Batman Begins , it will be interesting to see how big his role will actually be.

This Is the Book You're Looking For

When the Jedi order was destroyed, only one copy survived. Now you can own a copy of a book the Jedi have used for centuries, in a shiny, noisy, light-up box. The Jedi Path is a book that provides you with all the secrets you need to become a Jedi. The limited edition book comes in a box that raises it on a platform with blue lighting and music.

More Potter?

JK Rowling is going to make an announcement on her YouTube page tomorrow. It's unclear what the announcement could be about but it's possibly to do with the last film fast approaching - if not, our guess is more books, sidequels, or the announcement of electronic projects. The mouse-sensitive owls also make for a nice touch on the normally bland YouTube page.

Eight Minutes of True Blood

True Blood is giving away more and more as the new series looms on the horizon. First we had three minutes , then six and now eight . HBO are really pushing this but if they give us anymore, there might not be any point in watching the first episode of the series. If you watch the clip closely you'll notice that there are jumps where cuts would normally be... wonder what they'll put in between?

This news round-up compiled by Liam Corcoran.

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