Tropico 5 is coming to PS4 on April 24th, no plans for Xbox One version

Kalypso has announced that exotic strategy game, Tropico 5, will arrive on PS4 on April 24th. The sun-baked title allows you to unleash your inner exemplary politician or iron-fisted tyrant. We loved the PC version as you can tell from our review.

Tropico 5’s PS4 debut runs in 1080p at 30fps and comes with a limited edition too. It features The Big Cheese DLC and the Bayo Del Olfato map, plus an official Tropican passport and postcard. Several retailers are already offering pre-orders on this special edition package.

As a quick recap, you play as El Presidente - the bearded ruler of a small, but perfectly formed, island in the Caribbean. You make key decisions on how the country is run and are responsible for its historic footprint.

You play through eras such as World I and beyond, with the ever changing superpowers bringing new challenges over each period. Mess things up and it’s game over, as the citizens will vote you out of power.

Quite how the controls will translate to the DualShock is anyone’s guess. But judging by the video above, it does appear that Tropico 5 has seamlessly integrated the controller. The way the drag and drop of city building is mapped to button presses looks to have found a solid solution.

Although the game is already out on Xbox 360, Kalypso says it doesn't plan to release Tropico 5 on Xbox One. But never say never, as it just might work out as a timed-exclusive with Sony.

Nathan Irvine
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