Trials HD devs tease '1000 day game' with mysterious new trailer - we're intrigued

Developer RedLynx is creating a game that will last 1000 days. What's that? You have to take off? We totally understand. For those without commitment issues, here's a brief but tantalizing teaser trailer outlining how the Finnish studio plans to make its next adventure last...

A new hero, map, and relic every day for 1000 days, eh? Even if each day's offering amounts to no more than 10 minutes of gameplay, that's still over 160 hours of content. We're not saying RedLynx doesn't have the time and talent to pull it off, but keeping a game's momentum going for nearly 3-years is a monumental challenge for even the largest developers.

One thing we do know is the video ends on shot of the iPhone, leading our crack team of detectives to conclude RedLynx will be bypassing consoles and going straight for Apple's App Store (at least, initially). This makes sense if we're right about its mini-game-a-day concept, but it also leaves us wondering if RedLynx is considering a one-off package deal or a daily micro-transaction scheme.

In short: we're intrigued, but we have questions. Who knew a teaser trailer could be such a tease?

[Source: RedLynx]

Feb 25, 2011

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