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Trepang2 shows off flashy, slow-mo infused carnage in a new trailer at the Future Games Show

Trepang2, the gun-fu action game all about tearing bad guys apart, has just received a new trailer during the Future Games Show.

Team 17 is publishing the game which is expected to land in 2022 on PC. The short trailer is full to the brim with the game’s unique brand of bullet infused gunplay and chaotic energy. Tasked with figuring out the best ways to tear apart unsuspecting enemies, you can slow down time to dodge bullets and rain carnage on the poor AI. Just as a cherry on top, it’s all an over the top bloodfest. 

If you like the look of the title but are unsure whether you are ready to put down money yet, good news. If you head over to the game’s Steam (opens in new tab) page, a demo is available so you can try out the game’s brand of flashy, bloody action. You can even wishlist the game if you want to keep up to date. 

When the title launches, it will come with a single-player campaign, as well as a Horde mode. This way, players will have full arenas to paint red, as more and more enemies filter in.

Trepang2, despite its name, is not a sequel but actually the debut game from Trepang Studios. The Canadian based developer has been working on the game since 2017 and was featured on the IndieDB Top 100 in 2017, 2018, and 2019. 

Now it has finally reemerged and is closer than ever to being in everyone’s hands. If you are an FPS fiend, this may well be something to keep an eye on. Not since Superhot has slow-mo and gunplay seemed so deliciously realised.

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