Trails of Topoq: PlayStation Eye video

We've been busyputting The PlayStation Eye through its paces again. Firstweplayed with tropical fish (opens in new tab), and nowwe've beendelicately pushing a ball over tiles in Trails of Topoq.

But this is not as simple as it sounds. Each tile is made us of a series of tiny squares that can be individually raised and lowered to create slopes and ramps, or any other shape youcare to makewith your body.

Startingoff with simple tasks involving collecting boxes and getting to the exit, it soon becomes a lot more of a challenge with the edition of titling platforms and a ticking clock.

While it%26rsquo;s easy to complete the first few routes by simply moving your hands, you%26rsquo;ll find yourself becoming a lot more active as the game progresses. The later levels certainly had us rushing around the room as we tried to keep the metal sphere from falling into oblivion.

Trails of Topoq will be the first PlayStation Network game to fully utilise the PlayStation Eye. And if this is an example of things to come, we can%26rsquo;t wait to see what the future holds.

James Jarvis
Executive Producer, GR Video

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