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Trailer Trash 9

So first up, here are this week’s embarrassinglyawkwardtrailers from the world of Nintendo.

Wii – MotionPlus walkthrough

This looks harder than putting on a condom. Maybe it was intentional, but the way they shot this video seemed reminiscent of a bad sex-ed video.

Grand Slam Tennis – Fitness

Don’t miss the butt shot at 0:26. At 0:45, the girl mouths, “Whew. Wow!” Grand Slam Tennis must be intense! Sign me up – I’ll have whatever she’s having.

Sudoku Ball – Detective – Trailer

While this game is also coming out for the Wii (and PC), we were only able to get a hold of the DS trailer. If you opened your DS and a tiny detective stumbled out, wouldn’t you freak the hell out?

Next up - this week's WTFiest trailers.

Lizzie Cuevas
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