's Review Of The Year (Part Two)

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- In April, some key Transformers 2 plot points were revealed , we got scared that Terminator 4 was shutting down for good , before getting all giddy at some Terminator 4 plot points .

Mean Michael Bay told us he was spreading Transformers 2 disinformation, which annoyed us, before we got distracted by loads of new GI joe pics hitting the 'net .

Oh, and in one of our greatest moments of 2008, the petition asking Uwe Boll to quit directing got 69,000 signatures in 24 hours!


May - Megan Fox lost all of her clothes during the Jennifer's Body shoot, which was brilliant. We pondered some Batman 3 details , long before the subject became so fashionable.

We looked at some more GI Joe shots , got loads of info on upcoming Marvel projects , including Captain America and Thor.

We realised that Christian Bale was going to be in in all 3 new Terminators , and got a bit worried when Zachary Quinto got all defensive about Star Trek . We're fine now, though. We've seen the footage, it's brilliant.


June - Was the month the internet lost its hive mind over an awful Terminator 4 rumour . Seriously, it was terrible.

Still, all was well with the other movie metal men on the horizon - the Transformers 2 title was announced without a hint of disinformation and Jon Favreau talked about Iron Man 2 .

Oh, Megan Fox told us Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen would be ten times bigger than its predecessor. Which is pretty big.

In non-metallic news, our Dark Knight review went online , bringing a close to over a year of giddy reporting, brilliant viral advertising and crazed new image collecting.

We got a bit wistful that it was all over, but we loved the film. Obviously.