Total number of Pokemon is apparently over 4.2 billion

(Image credit: TPC)

A new Pokemon trailer has sparked a debate over how many total Pokemon there actually are.

Yesterday on January 12, The Pokemon Company published the trailer seen just below, celebrating the milestone of 1,000 total Pokemon surpassed. With the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet last year, the total number of individual Pokemon apparently stands at 1,008 creatures, at least according to The Pokemon Company.

That hasn't sat entirely right with some members of the Pokemon community, however. Some incredibly dedicated individuals, like the one seen just below on the Pokemon subreddit, have delved into figuring out how many Pokemon there actually are, when one takes into account variations like regional forms and gender-exclusive forms of certain creatures.

The result, apparently, is that there's over 4.2 billion Pokemon. This absolutely staggering figure takes into account literally every Pokemon that's ever been conceived in a video game from Game Freak, no matter how ridiculous or irrelevant the creature might seem.

What there's now a debate over, though, is how much Spinda accounts for in that 4.2 billion figure. Some are claiming that should you discount Spinda, you'd be left with merely 1,418 Pokemon, a far cry from that monumental initial figure. Still, it wouldn't exactly be fair to discount Spinda and all its many forms for the sake of it.

If The Pokemon Company won't do the work to reveal how many creatures there actually are, it's up to the fanbase instead.

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