Torchwood Season Two Reviews

They’re all on the site now! Well, apart from the finale which is waiting in the wings

We’re trying something a bit different with the Torchwood reviews, because we know that the arcane search function on this site can make tracking down particluar reviews a bit of a nightmare!

So, below are all the links you need to get to each of the reviews. And now, with each review, there’s a link the previous and next review! All bread and butter stuff for proper, grown-up websites, but a bit of a minor miracle on this steampunk system the Senior Partners force us to use.

Also please note – though there’s a link to the final episode, it won't go live until after the episode has been broadcast tonight (at around 9.50pm if all goes to plan).

So, here you go:

2.01 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

2.02 Sleeper

2.03 To the Last man

2.04 Meat

2.05 Adam

2.06 Reset

2.07 Dead Man Walking

2.08 A Day in the Death

2.09 Something Borrowed

2.10 From Out of the Rain

2.11 Adrift

2.12 Fragments

2.13 Exit Wounds

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