Top Gun: Maverick, our movie of the year, is finally streaming on Paramount Plus

Top Gun: Maverick
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Top Gun: Maverick – our best movie of 2022 and the year’s biggest box office hit – is now available to stream from home.

Where is Top Gun: Maverick streaming?

Miles Teller in Top Gun: Maverick

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Paramount Plus subscribers can now stream Top Gun: Maverick at any time they like at no extra cost. It’s been a long wait for the Tom Cruise-starring sequel to hit streaming – Maverick hit cinemas way back in May.

Interested? Paramount Plus is currently running an offer for a free month for new subscribers (using code ‘1923’).

In our debrief interview with Top: Gun Maverick director Joseph Kosinski, he offered up a reason as to why the movie proved so endearing to so many.

"Something people say to me a lot is that they love the action, they love the aerial sequences... but they go back for the emotion," Kosinski said.

"That’s what brings them back time after time. The first film was a rite-of-passage story, a journey from boy to man. And it seemed to me that this one should also be an emotional journey - I guess you could say from man to father [figure]. You have the relationship with Rooster, the realities of getting older, seeing a close friend pass away... These are things I think all of us can relate to."

Despite Maverick’s almost-$1.5 billion taking at the box office, Kosinski has stressed that there are no plans for a sequel – yet.

"I think we’re all so thrilled with the success of this that we haven’t really thought about the next step," Kosinski explained. "Tom’s off making two Mission: Impossible movies and Jerry [Bruckheimer] and I are collaborating on another movie [about Formula One] we’re hoping to shoot next year. But maybe down the road, when we have a little more perspective on [Top Gun: Maverick] we can ask: is there more to this story that’s worth telling?"

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