Top 7 Worst Mash-ups

3. WWE Crush Hour
2003 - PlayStation 2, GameCube

If you just couldn't get enough of big sweaty dudes literally man-handling each other, now you can have them be all sweaty and gross inside the driver's seat of your favorite rocket-launching monster truck. Isn't there enough mediocre WWE merch on the shelves already? Sure it makes sense in a weird, "this audience loves seeing stuff blow up so let's throw The Undertaker on a motorcycle and have him fight Steve Austin's tank-treaded flamethrower" kind of way, but at the end of the day, you just have to ask why.

Why would this exist? Why would people want to putt around in an ugly, uninspired car game instead of playing Twisted Metal Black or, more appropriately, another WWE game? The game's overpowering stench of passionless, uninterested developers can be felt four aisles over, so you have to wonder how hard Pacific Coast Power and Light fought to see this game buried. Hell, an Xbox version never even made it, so maybe that's an unsung victory right there.

And what's the setup for this car-combat meets beefcake explosion? Why, rasslin' bigwig Vince McMahon has taken control over the world's airwaves and demands all programming relate to wrestling in some way. This, obviously, leads to the wrestlers killing each other in cars. Because they'll survive not only a 24 hour work schedule spanning all time zones, but also a rocket to the chest.

Honestly, we would have been happier without the explanation.