Top 10 TalkRadar moments of all time

3. Teletubbies Can’t Die!
From:TalkRadar # 12(right click and “Save Link/Target”)

This is a tough one to explain... Evidently, upon seeing Teletubbies for the first time, Brett Elston did not envision the roly-poly preschool babysitters currently marketed to the masses. Instead he imagined infantile, refuse-filled creatures of instinct, capable of disembowelment at any moment... I better let him explain. This bit has been known to bring Mikel to tears on more than one occasion.

2. Saints Row 2 Trailer debacle
From:TalkRadar #4(right click and “Save Link/Target”)

Nothing against Saints Row 2, now. Several of us in the office are looking forward to playing the over-the-top crime caper, but a couple months ago the released a trailer that was nothing short of laughable. It obnoxiously tried to kick GTA IV when it wasn’t down, by way of a lame voiceover comparison chock full of phony corporate ‘Tude. How daring wasn’t it? Apparently, attempting to “out bad” the most notorious game of all time doesn’t involve saying the word “shit” unbleeped. Keep listening for a crude promo we made mocking the whole ordeal.

1. Duke Lombardi: E-Rated Game Reviewer
From:TalkRadar #15(right click and “Save Link/Target”)

Artistic Interpretations by IWUNapenguin

Oh, characters... If Duke Lombardi had an origin, he’d be the estranged brother of Valve’s VP of Marketing, Doug Lombardi. Though, that speculation probably isn’t quite flimsy enough to avoid a potential lawsuit, so let’s just say he’s some random, foul-mouthed fatbody from Chicago who reviews E-Rated games for TalkRadar. The Legend has since appeared again, but it remains to be seen whether anything will top his pants-shattering debut.

Above: The Legend gathers his strength...

Did we miss some of your favorite moments? You long time listeners feel free to chime in on your favorite bits in the comments below. The rest of you: Start listening... or there will be consequences. Cancelation comes to mind...

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Sept 16, 2008