Top 10 TalkRadar moments of all time

Shameless self promotion? You’re soaking in it! But take a listen and you’ll find a number of things immediately apparent:

Talkradar ManDate!
-We cover a broad range of topics, emphasizinghumor above all else
-We throw in wall-to-wall game music and sound effects
-During breaks, we run sketches, songs and comedic pieces from all over the web
-We interact with users regularly inour forumsand invite submissions of any kind
-We run short (typically)
-We’re usually drunk!
-And possibly as a result of the above, we speak freely. Not saying the other guys don’t, but I challenge you to find a more poetic hour of blissful profanity that isn’t Deadwood. Here Be Dirty-Mouth! So put the kids to bed, whip out those headphones, slide them over the dozing toddler’s ears and let TalkRadar rock them to sleep with the glorious filth we’ve put out in less than six months on the air.

10.What if a nuclear bomb went off in Superman’s ass?
From:TalkRadar #7(right click and “Save Link/Target”)

Among the myriad dilemmas presented by the collision of worlds in Midway’s Mortal Kombat vs DCis thequestion of how to balance powers. Would Scorpion bother to tele-kick The Flash? Could Batman’s hockey pads withstand a freezing assault from Sub-Zero? And most importantly, what would happen if Cyrax were to detonate a bomb in Superman’s ass? We bring in GR comic expert Henry Gilbert to answer the hard questions DC has dodged for nearly a century.

Seriously: Does Superman even have an asshole?

9. Street Fighter ‘Stravaganza
From: TalkRadar #17 (right click and “Save Link/Target”)

Above: Is Bloodstorm capable of love?

This and the Mega Man episode, we’ve gotten the most crap about. Apparently our listeners are so enamored with our drunken ramblings that they actually get pissed when we focus on any one topic for too long. So, when we had our favorite homegrown hero on, Seth Killian (Capcom community manager and Street Fighter IV boss namesake), we received the tiniest trickle of shit for its fighting-game-centric tone. But they’re wrong - this episode rules! And this clip of us talking shit about twenty years worth of awful fighting games and arcade prowling proves it.

8. Taste Test x2!
From:TalkRadar #5andTalkRadar #14(right click and “Save Link/Target”)

Above: Seen through the eyes of Shane Patterson

Elston had the wonderful idea of having us taste the concoctions of an out-of-control, soda-based society LIVE and on the air. It all started with a purple Mountain Dew elixir known as Supernova. Which, according to a common consensus, tasted like a barrel full of Flintstones chewables, semi-digested, and shat into a bottle by one of Satan’s minions. High Praise!

Whatever, epic lulz ensued. Luckily, the format was in place when the folks behind EA’s The Godfather II mistrusted us with a bottle of Cristal. Not only did the consumption of this rapper’s delight leave us unimpressed, we failed to realize one shouldn’t pop champagne over a table cluttered with live laptops. Oh well, live and leaERROR. Behold: The first and last time any of us will drink Cristal.

POP QUIZ! Cristal tastes like:

A. Easter egg diarrhea
B. It isn’t worth $200 a bottle
C. A very small dog peed on a small bucket of popcorn