Top 10 TalkRadar moments of all time

7. Mega Man E’spolsion!
From:TalkRadar #8(right click and “Save Link/Target”)

Your pals at GamesRadar landed theExclusive Mega Man 9announcement, but the internet seemed hell bent on ruining it for us. Thankfully, resident curmudgeon Brett Elston was at that point one of the only people in the world outside Capcom to have actually played the NES retrofit. Fantastic music and a delightful conversation on all things old school. Speaking of old school, we’re joined by former PSM editor and current GR boss, Eric Bratcher!

WARNING: EXTENDED NERDAGE... this is a long one, so if you don’t care for Mega Man: Skip it!

6. Navi: What a Bitch!
From:TalkRadar #12(right click and “Save Link/Target”)

In case you haven’t been listening, we tend to kick off every podcast with a filthy stupid, albeit in-depth, discussion of our biggest article of the week, The Top 7. Prepared as always, Mikel Reparaz led the charge valiantly, ready to explain his placement on his “years in the making”Top 7 Irritating Female Characterspiece and fend of semi-warranted accusations of GR misogyny. What he wasn’t prepared for was the dreaded Navi Button, which was deemed so annoying it has since been retired and never spoken of since... until now.

5. GR’s Zombie Planz!
From:TalkRadar #16(right click and “Save Link/Target”)

We do our damnedest to keep the podcast as interactive as possible. We play song requests, as well as user submitted material. We’ve had numerous exclusive contests, but most of all we love answering questions asked directly by our listeners in theTalkRadar forums. Obviously, some queries are more pressing than others.

Xbox Editor Charlie Barratt was incredibly wise to lobby a plan of attack for the inevitable Zombie uprising. Did you know GR was located next to a genetics lab, potentially up to all sorts of evil? PlayStation: The Official Magazine’s Scott Butterworth helps us blueprint our very survival!

4. E3 2008: What games do we cover?
From:TalkRadar #9(right click and “Save Link/Target”)

Moments before getting on a plane directly to the LA Convention Center, it was time to decide exactly what GR’s rag-tag team would be covering at E3 2008 basedon this list. In the span of ten minutes, titles were stricken from coverage employing such meaningful criteria as “we already covered the first game” and being “just two names put together.”

A fan favorite, although not to be confused with the actual E3 podcastTR #10, which took place after days of no sleep and numerous technical clustersharts. In other words, not recommended.