Top 10 Square Enix Couples

Above: Remember, in RPGs of yore, you could name playable characters anything you wanted- here, Purim is named "Jess"

6) Purim + Dyluck (Secret of Mana, SNES)

Who they are: A fearless adventurer and a soldier.

Why they're the best: Purim would go to hell and back to save Dyluck, as she proves no less than twice in the game’s storyline. She’s so determined that she’s even willing to put total strangers in harm’s way to get into the dungeon where he’s being kept. Dyluck, in turn, never gives up hope that his lady love is coming to save him, even after he gets passed from one boss henchman to another. It may be the reverse of traditional gender roles in fantasy games, but Dyluck isn’t threatened by Purim wearing the pants. This relationship survived oppression from the Empire; it can certainly survive a bit of gender-bending.

What they teach us: Love is about sacrifice. Sacrificing strangers, specifically.