Top 10 Square Enix Couples

8) Irvine + anybody (Final Fantasy VIII, PSone)

Who he is: The man to make your dreams come true - no matter who you are.

Why He’s the Best: Irvine is the kind of man who will do just about anything for a lady. Take you out to dinner, hold open a door, pull out your chair - he’d probably even make you breakfast if you gave him Bambi eyes. Some people might be put off by a guy who can make eyes at a 12-year-old as easily as he would at your own mother, but Irvine’s charm belies his sensitive, insecure side. His rugged cowboy appearance just cries out for any tender heart to come and cuddle him.

What he teaches us: It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or who you’re married to - there’s someone out there who loves you for who you are and what’s attached to your chest.

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