Top 10 sexy sexy game gurus!

1 - Bill Gates

It's no surprise to find Gates in the top slot, seen here channeling the understated elegance of such visionary thinkers as Tom Wolfe, Albert Einstein and the Brooks Brothers. It takes a man at home in his own body to fearlessly team such grandiose aspirations with the practicality of a non-pilling acrylic/wool weave. And that pose. Watch as he uses the full length of his sylphlike frame as a lightning rod, upon which a full suite of accessories can crackle and fizz; the retro monitor, the ring-binder and a drowsy, but alluring gaze. DOS booty!

The Kraken awakes! With the simple act of pushing his body upwards, while crucially managing to maintain horizontal integrity in those slippy slacks on that polished desk, it becomes clear why Gates is our primo binary beefcake. The fact that he is simultaneously able to throw down a rudimentary gang-sign is merely the icing on an already suggestive cake. And who wouldn't want a byte of that?

I'm the boss