Top 10 Fallout 3 mods

Cube Experimental

Probably the most “complete” mod on this list. The Cube Experimental is a completely new addition to the game. Offering a robust 5-10 hours of gameplay (depending on your Half-Life jumping/puzzle skills) this is the most polished add-on to Fallout 3 that hasn’t come from Bethesda specifically.

Load this mod up and you will find your map has a new marker, the Cube Experimental Station. Traveling there you will begin your adventure through the Experiment. Drawing heavily from Valve’s Portal and the original Half-Life, this mod features professional voice acting, amazing scripting, cutscenes and professional caliber level design. There’s only one caveat: It’s in German.

So the intercom voices, the notes etc. - while all expertly done - are strictly Sprechen Sie Deutsch. It didn’t really affect the game overall as it’s mainly a lone-wolf style maze, but there was at least one puzzle where had we not used Google Translate, we’d still be trapped in those damn force fields. Apparently there’s an English translation on the way but don’t hold your breath.

Boring “system mods” you still can’t live without

We know, we know. You’re thinking, “These aren’t cool at all, where are the new guns, the new areas?!” Well, unless you enjoy manually editing config files and navigating the puzzles of mod-installation and management by memory alone, then you’ll be glad we included these. The first of the two mods we’re mentioning here is the Fallout Mod Manager. This tool looks in your Fallout folder and enables you to re-arrange and enable/disable your various Fallout mods without having to futz with system files. Also allows for one-click mod installation and removal. If you plan on installing more than one mod at a time, this is a must.

The second of our “boring mods” pair is called ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated. We know, it doesn’t mean much to us either, until you start reading the installation guides for the mods you’re downloading and they all call for manually editing the archive text files adding values etc. etc., blah blah right? Right! Download this puppy, activate it, and you’re saved the hassle of editing your archive files. This may not mean a lot, but trust us, if you start adding and removing mods left and right, this mod and the previous one will come in handy.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Armor

In the name of the Holy God Emperor, we place at your feet the sacred armor of the Space Marines. This mod simply adds a ton of new power armor to the game. All the major chapters are included. The mod has standard armor suits as well as Terminator variants and Sergeant variants. Now, you may be asking yourself: “What’s the point?” The point is it’s friggin’ Warhammer! Burn the heretic! Strap on some Terminator armor, get your flamethrower ready and purge some Chaos covens, or at least some raider hangouts.

The quality of the armor and the attention to detail make this a fun mod to mess around with. Yeah, it detracts from the canon of the Fallout universe, but we suspect it just might be worth it when you’re stomping around in a Space Wolf suit hacking raiders to pieces

Jul 1, 2009

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