Tooth review

Know any annoying little brats? Then why not punish them severely by dragging them along to this charmless, unmagical homegrown adventure?

Shot at Pinewood with a wholly Brit cast, it's an inexplicably American-set caper about a young tooth fairy (Yasmin Paige) who bankrupts the land of `Fairytopia' by giving away all its cash to one tot. Can she get the moolah back before every child in the audience loses the will to live?

Edouard Nammour's Borrowers-flavoured yarn disappoints from the off by denying its fairies magical powers, a cost-cutting expediency that makes Tooth one of the most pedestrian fantasies ever filmed. It then sinks even lower by giving a rogue's gallery of Limey thesps (Stephen Fry, Harry Enfield, Richard E Grant) free rein to ham it up to their hearts' content in a succession of unrewarding cameos. All this and Vinnie Jones as a kindly dentist - it's enough to put anyone's teeth on edge.

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