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Too Human developer: '360 and PS3 are equal'

Nov 6, 2007

Public perception might be that the PlayStation 3 is more powerful than the Xbox 360, but to developers they look even, says Silicon Knights boss Dennis Dyack.

He's told Mercury News that the power of both consoles are "equal in my eyes."

"Maybe the PS3 has more processing power. The 360 has more available memory. It's pretty much a net, net," said Dyack. "The public perception of the PS3 was that it was much more powerful. To developers, they look even."

Silicon Knights is currently developing Xbox 360-exclusive action-RPG Too Human, and is famously suing Epic Games for "misleading" it over the state of Unreal Engine 3.

Backtracking completely, Dyack then says that extra power could potentially come from the PS3 through the continued tapping of Cell.

"You have to get the timing right," he said, since processing with the Cell requires a sub-processor juggling act.

As for who'll come out the winner in this generation of consoles, the Silicon Knights boss doesn't seem sure.

"It's a tough one. Microsoft is looking really good. Everyone is looking pretty good. At the beginning, everyone thought Sony would walk away with it. We won't know for sure for two years."

With Nintendo, Dyack says, the question is if the "controller stands the tests of time."

Courtesy of CVG