Tony Hawk to travel world in Underground 2

While the recently-announced Tony Hawk's Underground 2 isn't playable at this year's E3, publishers Activision are showing a brief trailer of the game that reveals the new focus for the skate-fest.

After last year's task-based game, the mission side of things is taken further with a new World Destruction Tour mode, which pits Team Hawk against Team Bam (as in Bam Margera, a veteran of the Tony Hawk games). As the name suggests, it sees players visiting a variety of cities which, as well as skating through, you can generally mess up - whether it's by spraying graffiti around town or throwing projectiles at innocent passers-by.

Mess up a trick and the damage you'll take is gnarlier than ever - hence the ambulances to fix you up. And if the frustration gets too much for you, it's actually possible to smash up your own deck. Which probably isn't very useful but it will make you feel better. As well as traditional skateboarding, you can also inline skate, in addition to making use of motorised vehicles.

Aside from the World option, the other new mode is Classic, which revisits the more trick-based structure of the Pro Skater series that was lacking from the first THUG.