Download-only Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD remixing first two games in 2012

The VGAs have yet to start, but already news is leaking out. We already saw the new Metal Gear Rising, now Tony Hawk himself has let slip the big announcement for his series. The classic extreme sports franchise is going back to its roots with a Tony Hawk HD, a downloadable that reuses classic levels from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2.

Above: Like this butprobablybetter looking

Joystiq talked to Hawk as he arrived at the VGAs. T. Hawk mentioned stages like Downhill and School will be part of the package, though he didn't comment on whether or not the games' soundtracks would change or remain the same (we're pulling for classic tracks). We’ll have more on this soon, probably when it’s formally announced. But at the very least we feel safe in assuming it has no plastic skateboard controller.

UPDATE: And now we have the official trailer, and it's looking like much more than an HD remake. Check it below...

Henry Gilbert

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