Tony Hawk teases 5 cast with an awesome pick-a-skater impression

The new Tony Hawk (opens in new tab) game is a bit of a messy mystery, mainly thanks to leaks and accidental reveals (opens in new tab). Now, even Tony Hawk himself is getting in on the fun, reposting an Instagram from skater Rob Wootton:

Firstly, props to Wootton for a spot on idle - that guy knows his character creation screens. Secondly, the 'our game' bit from Hawk does suggest he's referring to the two of them, rather than, say, Activision. And why would Wootton suddenly start doing Pro Skater impressions this year? In his original March post he also name-checks a few other skaters: Kevin Perez, Keith Gibbs, Evan Smith and Chris Blake.

So far, the only official comment has been that the game's coming and the leaked Tony Hawk 5 logo (opens in new tab) refers to a working title. There has been heavy hinting though that the series will return to the purer skating focus of the original games - that "THPS fans will rejoice" up there for example. It makes sense then to feature new skaters and tease a classic recreation of the game's trouser-cycling, shirt choosing character crafting. Even the song, Rage Against The Machine's Guerilla Radio, is a nod to 'old' Hawk games, having appeared in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2.

If you really want a kick in the nostalgias then check out this video by Kevin Perez and featuring Chris Blake on the board:

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