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Tomb Raider touches DS

This brace of new shots for Tomb Raider: Legend on DS shows off the intriguing shooting system featured in Lara's handheld, touch-screen outing - once you've locked on to a target in the top screen, the touch-screen becomes a Lara's-eye-view, where you can tap with your thumb to shoot at enemies on-screen.

You might not be convinced, but we found it worked rather well in practice, sitting comfortably alongside the semi-3D platforming. Legend on DS mirrors the locations, plot and action of its console-dwelling relative but turns each level into a scrolling 3D area with a set path for you to work your way along.

Lara's nifty and attractive move to DS will be out on October 31, the one day you yourself can dress as Mrs. Croft and not feel ashamed about it.

October 12, 2006