Tomb Raider remade?

In an announcement today, publisher Eidos has revealed plans to release a special edition of Tomb Raider later this year to celebrate Lara's 10th birthday - or rather, a special edition of one Tomb Raider or another.Exactly which of Lara's escapades will be getting the special edition treatment hasn't been explained; could Eidos be remaking the original Tomb Raider?

Tomb Raider Legend is due for launch in a few months, making it unlikely that this special edition is a full, newly developed game. Plus, the brilliant design and atmosphere of Lara's first adventure mean it's still one of the high points of the decade-spanning series and a remake would be hugely popular.

Eidos has yet to clarify the situation, which will no doubt spark heated rumors and discussion until they do. In the meantime,we'll be closing our eyes and wishing hard for a combinationremake of the first two Tomb Raider gamesuntil we're shown otherwise.

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