Titanfall 2 sort of gets a release date: 'three weeks from Battlefield 1'

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Titanfall 2's release date still hasn't been entirely locked down but we do now have a window from EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen  (via PushSquare). 

Jorgensen said that Titanfall 2 would be coming out three weeks from Battlefield 1 which is set to arrive on October 21. It's not clear whether that's before or after DICE's shooter, giving us a guesstimated range of about September 30 and November 11. 

However, the plan appears to be that the games will land either side of Call Of Duty, and EA has apparently stated its "not uncomfortable" going up against Activision's shooter. Seeing as Infinite Warfare has a November 4 date then November 11 sounds more likely for Titanfall 2. It's going to be busy few weeks for gun games either way. 

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