Titanfall 2 gets single player campaign & reconfirms "all platforms" release

We already knew Titanfall 2 was coming to PS4: Respawn founder Vince Zampella was pretty much confirming that while the first game was still coming out on Xbox One. Now we have a little more detail from lead writer Jesse Stern.

The new thing this time is that there will be a single player campaign for Titanfall 2. Speaking to Forbes, Jesse confirmed a “grounded, dirty, human and real” setting with talk of a 'world in which science meets magic'. The magic obviously being 40 foot robots that drop out of the sky.

The story will attempt to tell "a vision of grand global colonial warfare, retelling the story of the American Revolution and the American Civil War in space." Extending that idea he talks about what I'm guessing are the Titans themselves, mentioning "machines that were designed for excavation and construction, demolition and working the land" being turned into instruments of war.

According to Jesse, Respawn started work on the sequel in late 2014. “We’re only a little past a year into it,” he explains. “It takes two years to make these things usually. Sometime late this year or early next seems like the right neighborhood (for completion)". EA itself has only mentioned a 'fiscal 2017' release date for Titanfall 2. Jesse also reiterates it's no longer exclusive, saying "this one is going to be widely available, I believe on all platforms."

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