Tintin Movie Shot And Edited

Producer/director Peter Jackson has told the BBC that the first Tintin movie – The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn – is in the can, but that the FX will take two years to complete.

"Tintin is great,” he says. “It's made. The movie is cut together and now [we] are turning it into a fully-rendered film. So the movie, to some degree, exists in a very rough state."

Steven Spielberg is directing the first movie, with Jackson producing, then the roles will be reversed for the second movie. A third movie is also planned. Jamie (Billy Elliot) Bell stars as Tintin, with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as The Thom(p)son Twins, Andy Sirkis as Captain Haddock and Daniel Craig as the villain, Red Rackham.

Jackson is in the UK for the premiere of The Lovely Bones, which he directed, but also talks to the BBC about the Hobbit films, which he’s producing for Guillermo Del Toro to direct: "We're writing the screenplays with [Del Toro], so in terms of the script, there is continuity. We're writing Ian McKellen's dialogue just the same as we did in Lord Of The Rings. But Guillermo, being the director, will obviously take the script and interpret that and shoot his film. That's actually the reason I wanted him to do it. I felt like I'd be trying to compete with myself and deliberately do things differently, which is not the way I want to work. I want it to be natural."

Jackson also says that, unlike Tintin, the Hobbit films will not be shot in 3D: "Guillermo wants to shoot in 35mm, old-fashioned filmm which suits me, because he wants to keep it in the same space as the original trilogy."

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