TimeSplitters 4 - first details

UK studio Free Radical Design has confirmed to us that development of TimeSplitters 4 is well underway and anything is possible regarding the platforms it'll launch on.

"Yes, TimeSplitters 4 is happening. At the moment it's in the very early concept stages, and as yet it's unsigned to any publisher," Free Radical Design's screenwriter Rob Yescombe told us.

Regarding a platform it looks like there are no specific exclusive plans although that could change when the game's gets picked up by a publisher. You've got to think that PS3 would be a prime target given the series' history and success on PS2. "Anything and everything is currently a possibility. We're not saying no to anything," added Yescombe.

It's a bit early to talk specifics regarding gameplay and story but Yescombe did tell us that, "TimeSplitters 4 will be a great big joke at the expense of the world of games - ourselves included. God, that's a terrible sound bite. Can you just make one up and make me sound hilarious? No, wait, just say that Ihave a hilarious sound bite, but it's still in the very early concept stage."

Don't expect a release this side of Christmas though: "The game's not a very long way away but it's not a very short way away either. It's somewhere in the middle. Is that non-specific enough?"

Luckily we've got the awesome-looking Haze to deal with this year and the prospect of a new TimeSplitters game next year.

August 8, 2007