TimeShift plans multiplayer trickery

TimeShift, the science-bothering blaster that lets you play fast and loose with the laws of time, has now been confirmed for PlayStation 3, joining the PC and 360 versions we've already seen.

In addition, we've sifted the Internet for fact nuggets, and come up with a beauty - TimeShift's superpowers will make the leap from singleplayer to multiplayer, with the help of special Chronos Grenades.

These physics-bending gadgets will come in two flavors. Reverse grenades have the potential to send missiles straight back the way they came, while there'll also be what sounds like a Halo 3 bubble shield type, creating an area of effect around the detonated grenade that stops anything passing through. We're hoping the visual effect will be along the lines of the awesome personal shields used by the Atreides soldiers in the 80s Dune movie.

Eyes on ourPlayStation 3 gallery, then, for the first Sony-based shots - which look all but identical to those in ourXbox 360 gallery. That's a good thing, by the way.

May 18, 2007

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