Thursday 13 December Link-a-Mania

Chuck in the UK
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Virgin 1 has acquired the rights to one of SFX’s favourite new Stateside SF shows, Chuck, reports Digital Spy . The comedy drama about about a hardware store nerd who becomes an unwilling spy with a database of government secrets downloaded into his brain stars Firefly’s Adam Baldwin, Zachary Levi as Chuck and a whole bunch of sexy laydeez. We’ve been raving about it for a while. When Virgin starts showing it early next year, give it a chance – the pilot’s nothing special but it soon develops into a great show.

More X-Files 2 Cast Announcements
Callum Keith Rennie ("Tin Man") and Adam Godley (Around the World in 80 Days) have joined the cast of the next X-Files movie, according to Coming Soon .

KITT gets a voice
Will Arnett of 30 Rock and Blades of Glory fame will be providing the voice of KITT in the new Knight Rider TV movie, due to air on 17 February in the States. Coming Soon has loads of info on the show (including plot details) from a press conference held yesterday, as well as some new pictures. Find them here and here .

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