Three Fable 2-compatible games coming to XBLA

Xbox Live Arcade games Mage Dice, Wizard's Tower and Keystone will be tied into Fable 2, giving players the opportunity to win gold that can be spend in game.

Speaking withMajor Nelsonin a podcast, Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux revealed that Microsoft-owned Carbonated Games is working to ensure its latest titles are compatible with Fable 2.

"It's a really big thing of mine - why aren't games talking to each other? And when you say to yourself, 'Let's get games talking to each other,' then how can they talk?

"The idea is this: Carbonated Games, part of Microsoft, have made some great casual games, Arcade titles. They have got three titles, one call Keystone, one called Wizard's Tower and one called Mage Dice. Why not make those what we call 'Fable-compatible'?

"And that means that when you play those [semi-gambling] games, when you win, you win Fable gold, and you can transfer that Fable gold to Fable when you buy Fable. If you've already got Fable, the money will transfer automatically.

"If you've yet to buy Fable then your balance will be transferred. That's cool."

We'd have to agree. There's no word on when these casual games will be released and Fable 2 is still tapped for autumn.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 19, 2008