Thor, Thing and Spidey in action

Today we've got three new Marvel: Ultimate Alliance videos to share. That makes 11 so far if our counting abilities are to be believed. Then we realize that the game has 20 playable characters and more than 140 cameos - could they all be getting their own special videos? Does the internet have enough space left to contain all this heroism?

Whatever cracks you can make about quantity, however, you can't dis their quality. Most of these clips are better than any of the animated superhero shows on right now, and you get to see an entire comic universe interacting with itself - not just Spider-Man or the X-Men doing their own thing. Hit the Movies tab for profiles on the Thing, Spidey and what is clearly the Ultimate version of Thor (comic fans will surely notice), and look for the game to ship later this fall.

September 19, 2006

Brett Elston

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